freshly squeezed // appy appy joy joy

freshly squeezed // new apps

I collect iPhone apps like some people might collect shoes or handbags. You can never have too many apps [until your device is full, of course].

I’ve just ticked over 300 apps on my phone. Yes, 300, that’s not an extra zero by mistake. Most are photo and video related. Sure I don’t use them all but you never know. What can I say, I’m a hoarder.

Anyway, I’ve bookmarked a few new and new-to-me ones recently that I thought you might like to try, too.

Now these are iOS links but I’ve included Android notes where appropriate.

  1. New this week is Bokeh. There’s a great write-up of it here. I love being an early adopter because I got to snag my name. [Plans for Android in works]
  2. You might have already seen this one around, or even already used it, but Flipagram is a bit of fun, allowing you to bring your photos to life in a short video. Read more here. [Similar to another one of my favourites Everlapse] Also available in Android.
  3. One thing the Mr [who is also a bit iPhoneography addicted, completely my fault] have always wanted was a decent long exposure setting on the iPhone. Then I spotted this post on the Instagram blog and download Slow Shutter Cam. Can’t wait to try this out. [iOS only]
  4. Another one for low light, Average Cam Pro takes several shots at once, analyses them and normalises the result to get the best-lit shot.
  5. OKDOTHIS is an app with prompts for photo ideas as well as a network to share their ideas. While I don’t really need another network, I love the prompt idea. Via here. [iOS only]

I haven’t downloaded this one but it looks cool. FaceCrypt allows you to unlock your phone with a selfie.


freshly squeezed // introducing canva

freshly squeezed // new online tool ~ canva

Excited today to introduce you to a new website that can help take the groan out of graphics.

Canva, which officially launched this week, is an online design platform which uses a library of ready-made layouts, backgrounds, photos and more and allows you to make your own graphics with a simple drop and drag interface.

The image above, made in a couple of minutes with Canva  [I put the Canva badge on for the post ~ layouts are not watermarked].

You can make posters, blog graphics, facebook covers, cards, collages and more with Canva! The site includes a range of free and premium elements or you can upload your own.

You can change fonts and colours and create custom layouts.

Seeing is believing so this video is a great introduction to the world of Canva and what you can do.

Canva is presently in beta and rolling out accounts to users from this week. Reserve your username here.

I was invited to the early launch of Canva but this is not a sponsored post. I just think it’s a really cool tool you might find useful.

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