here’s to a colourful week

This is actually an advertisement for flavour shots but the combination of music notes and camera work is really so much more.

The collaborators took on the brief “What does flavour look like? How does it sound?”.

It’s a colourful way to kick off the new week. Read more about it here.

And speaking of colour, are you going green for St Patrick’s Day! Did  you know St Patrick actually preferred blue? 10 things you didn’t know about him

For film-inspired colour, check out this tumblr dedicated to Wes Anderson colour palettes. [via present & correct]

And for floral colours, check out the image gallery for Holly Becker and Leslie Sherwig’s new book Decorate with Flowers. Stunning.

Don’t forget to find some colour in your week!



{my place & yours} where I sleep

{my place & yours} where you sleep

So finally getting around to joining in with Vic and my place and yours. This week’s theme is Where I Sleep, and fittingly enough it is all very lazy on my behalf because I already had this photo of where I sleep.

This was one of the first photos I took with my Diana mini, hence the arty blurriness of it all, also great for hiding the mess. This is typical of the scene though ~ covers thrown back on one side after I have leapt out of bed in a mad rush realising I’ve turned the alarm off twice and it is now only 45 minutes until I have to get the kids out the door for school.

This photo is aptly titled “bedhead”.

Join in with my place and yours.


to all my organisational ninjas, put a name on it


A little break in the whole organising overflow of information, spotted on Pinterest last night {there’s always time for Pinterest}, get yourself a ninja name, and if you can’t be bothered working it out, just go here.

I’m Mekutatakiku.

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