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Did I mention I was on holidays this week? And you know what that means, lying by the pool, sipping cocktails and flipping through magazines.


The reality is of course it is winter and I am cosied up in my study with the rays of my computer keeping me warm. So lucky I can still flick through magazines with the click my mouse.

Matchbook Magazine is now up to its sixth issue and just keeps getting better.

The latest issue hit the virtual shelves today and a quick click flick {say that three times fast} pulls up delights like a story on Harper Lee and even one on the humble striped shirt. Not to mention a gorgeous spread on cover girl Rebecca Minkoff whose lovely clothes and accessories are pictured here.

Go over and take your dose of pretty.

Matchbook Magazine and also check out their lovely blog

{images by Jamie Beck for Matchbook Magazine}

a new-to-me singer, a musical classic and a royal favourite

Another piece of music to finish off today from another new to me artist, also British.

Ellie Goulding played at the after-dinner party for the royal wedding, she is apparently a favourite of Will and Kate’s, and the newlyweds reportedly danced their first dance as a married couple to her rendition of Your Song .  She also recently appeared on SNL with her No.1 hit Lights.

Found any new artists lately you’d like to share.


without music, life would be a mistake

One Man Band  


The Maypole Song -pedes…  


MODERN DANCE painting  


0.15 (dance with me / b…  


Key to my Heart asymmet…  


Music notes . adjustabl…  


Nauli CD-Case red graph…  


CD/DVD Holder, Musical  


old time music – 8×12 p…  


The Dying Swan Bracelet  


Black Red Swirls Chiffo…  


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SALE. Spoonfuls of love…  


Number 0003, Black  


Music Tree – Pen and In…  


Hammered Dulcimer  


‘Without music life would be a mistake. ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’ by dindi


Happy “hump” day. Wednesday is certainly a funny old day.  Last night as I went to bed, I was all a bit mopey and such thinking “sigh, it’s only Tuesday”. But then I wake up and hey it’s Wednesday and we’re halfway through the week and everything seems much better.

But with the week half gone it’s time to start cracking on the to do list. So I thought I would throw in a little musical inspiration today. Music soothes the savage beast and all that, and hopefully can kick-start some momentum.

Plus I love this quote used as the title for this music-themed treasury {featuring my old time music print of our old piano}. Music has always been a part of my life ~ dad played in jazz and dance bands and between them my parents introduced me to the entire gamut of musical styles and subsquently we have a very eclectic music collection,  I played saxophone growing up and now my small ones are learning on the old piano pictured here.

So to get us moving this hump day ~ and it is cold, overcast and a little rainy here today so I need all the help I can get ~ here’s a song from my new favourite artist Adele.


If that doesn’t get your foot tapping, I don’t know what will. Not to mention the awesome video. Word is this song will also be featured in the Glee finale.

{Treasury tool by Red Row Studio}


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