the five // 5 uses for pockets ~ the smallest tribe

the five // 5 uses for pockets

Kathryn from the smallest tribe loves pockets. In her shop you will find ethically produced clothing for active and inquisitive children.

Which is why she believes every child needs clothes with pockets.

I don’t add pockets so I have a line of clothes with pockets.  I add pockets because of the incidental learning experiences that I know will come about because your child is wearing clothes with pockets.

Kathryn is a mother of two, has an education degree and was a primary school teacher before starting the smallest tribe and posted a fabulous infographic the other day on five uses for pockets and why every child needs them. I loved the post and wanted to share it here and she is fabulously agreed for me to repost her article.

So here are five uses for pockets on your child’s clothes and what those experiences will teach your child.

5 Uses For Pockets (And Why Every Kid Needs Them!) from the smallest tribe

  1. Encourage your child to write their own shopping list to carry (in their pocket!) while you do the groceries.  It doesn’t matter if their ‘writing’ doesn’t look like writing.  This activity is not about spelling and letter formation, it is about showing them that writing has a purpose, in this case, as an aid to prompt our memory.
  2. Give them a treasure hunt with things to find and carry in their pocket.  Think; a small rock, a leaf, a feather, a shell, etc.  It doesn’t need to be written in words, learning to ‘read’ pictures is a vital early literacy skill.  Pictures are used to help make meaning during reading.
  3. Let them carry their own money on a shopping trip that’s just for them.  Maybe they are using their pocket money to buy a new toy, or maybe they are in charge of getting milk or buying some rolls at the bakery.  You don’t need to give them much, 50 cents will make them feel important and special, and let’s face it, it’s the biggest coin and while they’re little, that’s all that matters.  The savvy ones will cotton onto the benefits of a $2 coin in no time at all!
  4. You know how they get attached to random and odd objects?  Let them!  Encourage them even!  Challenge them to look after it.  This will help them to learn responsibility and how to care for their things.
  5. A full blown flu might not be the time to try it, but a little sniffle is a great time to pass over the tissues to be kept in pockets.  It teaches them self care and cleanliness.  Putting them in charge of their own self care is also a great form of independence.

The Beachcomber Dresses has a small pocket on the front at just the right height for little hands to access it easily.  It has an elasticised opening to make it easy to use as well as holding treasures.  It is placed on the right as 90% of the population are right handed, but can absolutely be swapped over for left handed kids.

The Adventures Shorts have a sloped, wide opening, easily accessible by little hands.  They pockets are just deep enough to keep treasures safe but not so deep that it makes it hard for little hands to reach the bottom comfortably.

You can shop all of the clothes here.

Thank you Kathryn!

// This post originally appeared on the smallest tribe. Used with permission

the five // bookmark it

thefive // bookmark it

Too many ideas, too little time? Where to save all that information for later? Here’s five services that can help you save and organise all that information for when you need it.

  1. Pinterest ~ an obvious one but with the addition of secret boards, it makes it even better to collate information for whatever project you are working on.
  2. Gimmebar ~ goes a little further in that it stores items in your personal library in the cloud or you can back your bookmarks up to Dropbox.
  3. Kippit ~  You can add to private lists with extensions, bookmarklets and via email or follow public lists. Also has a very powerful search engine.
  4. Evernote ~ can’t have a list without mentioning this warhorse and what sets it apart is the ability to clip information to Evernote and also email to your account while on the go.
  5. Dropmark ~allows for private and collaborative boards and has a simple drop and drag interface with some clever presentation ideas as well.

Got another favourite bookmarking site not on the least. Share it in the comments below!

the five // pick up a pen and write

the five // for national handwriting day

Handwriting allows us to be artists and individuals … Handwriting can add intimacy to a letter and reveal details about the writer’s personality. ~ WIMA

Did you know today is National Handwriting Day? I do now thanks to kikki k.

So today’s the day to sit down with a pen and paper, a card or a notebook and write. Here’s five links of ideas and inspiration:

  1. Write, scribble or draw in a journal.
  2. Write a list
  3. Get fancy and take up calligraphy
  4. Write a letter with an update of the old-fashioned aerogram from Just Something I Made
  5. Remember your manners ~ etiquette for letters and thank-you notes from Emily Post

What will you write today?

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