photo pulp // blood moon rising …


So yesterday, I mentioned I might have had a few eclipse photos.

We were blessed with great timing for the eclipse, starting after dusk about 8.15pm and running through the stages till about 11, and we were also lucky enough to have clear skies in my part of the world. I know many others weren’t quite so lucky.

The moon at night is an interesting subject to shoot as the camera’s settings are usually geared towards more of a daytime shoot, such is the brightness of this celestial body.

However, shooting it when it’s changing light and colour becomes more of a challenge. At the height of the eclipse, when it took on a reddish glow and came back out of the eclipse, I have a lot of failed attempts as I couldn’t quite get the lighting right to capture the light and shade.

As it is also moving, some moments I was also chasing it all over the sky to line it up back up again.

My images are shot with my Sigma 150mm to 500mm lens. This was a pricey purchase when I got it almost two years ago now, but wow I have used it a lot!

Below is my image of the moon going from start to finish. I took shots about every 10 minutes over the course of a couple of hours. Click on the image to go to the larger version.


photo pulp // airplane to eiffel tower


My photo a day ventures are a bit like a case of “Michael Finnegan, begin again”. I haven’t made it through an entire month for the better part of a year. Although it hasn’t stopped me trying.

This month, the prompts are a little different, following the alphabet for the first 26 days, so I’m a little more optimistic about my chances.

I was a late starter but jumped in with gusto on the weekend and got all caught up [and may have a few up my sleeve for later in the month, too ~ just in case].

One of my problems with photo a day is competing with my perfectionist tendencies of waiting for the right photo at the right time. This tends to mean a week passes and I’m still stuck on day 5 and invariably fall in a heap.

This month gives me back an element of control and so I’ve taken to the project with a bit of a theme, with all photos of objects taken with the same background.

So I give you A to E ~ not in any order ~ with a camera [ceramic and camouflaged], a dinosaur, a book, an airplane or aeroplane and an Eiffel Tower.

I like the way this little collection is coming together and hopefully, fingers crossed, I make it through and will be able to pull them together into something at the end of the month.

Tomorrow is G and it my be my first stumbling block ~ I can’t think of something starting with G. Any ideas?

Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram here.

10 moments from the harbour city


I could show you a hundred photos from our weekend in Sydney. But I’ll spare you and [agonisingly] pick out just 10. We had great experiences and an awesome weather ~ so there was plenty to like, and snap, throughout the trip.


The whole reason we were there ~ sneak peek of the new Skylanders Trap Team game due out at the start of next month. I’ll let the boys take the lead on this one, apparently it is “awesome”, “I love it”, “it’s the best one ever”, “how long till it comes out”, “I already know which ones are my favourites”. You get the drift.

So thanks to the guys  for inviting us up again this year and giving us a reason to head to the city.


We stayed on the northern side, behind Luna Park where the event was being held.

So we had a great view from the hotel ~ this is the hallway while our room looked more towards the bay.


And of course, no trip to the park would be complete without that famous smile!


We had some time to kill in the morning and went wandering around the Opera House and into the gardens. We stumbled on Government House and sign advertising free house tours. This chance encounter was an absolute highlight ~ a knowledgeable and informative tour around this amazing building. If you are ever in the area on Fridays to Sundays, definitely check it out!


Then we hit the water ~ after the boys first ferry ride in the morning, we spent the afternoon cruising the harbour on a tall ship. This is the Soren Larson [or Soren Lorenson as we called it!] On such a glorious day, this was the perfect way to see the harbour. And learn a little history to boot.


And then the long-awaited point in our trip ~ heading to Taronga Zoo’s Roar and Snore. Again, awesome weather makes for a great experience but the program and our friendly hosts turned that to an amazingly memorable experience. Above is the view from the front of our “tent” [canvas walls but proper beds, floor and … electricity!]


We  toured the zoo at night, made some cold-blooded friends, fed the giraffes and help the keepers in the sun bear enclosure.


And then got to hang around the zoo during the day. While this experience is certainly not cheap for a family of four, I do believe it is excellent value.


But all good things must come to end. And there’s an 11th photo I sneaked in. A short stay but full of awesome but relaxing at the same time. And you can’t beat Sydney for the “eye candy” [as my husband refers to the harbour view!]

We were invited to the Skylanders event but everything else was under our own steam, including travel and accommodation. Hit me up if you want to know anything specific about the individual places.

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