10 moments from the harbour city


I could show you a hundred photos from our weekend in Sydney. But I’ll spare you and [agonisingly] pick out just 10. We had great experiences and an awesome weather ~ so there was plenty to like, and snap, throughout the trip.


The whole reason we were there ~ sneak peek of the new Skylanders Trap Team game due out at the start of next month. I’ll let the boys take the lead on this one, apparently it is “awesome”, “I love it”, “it’s the best one ever”, “how long till it comes out”, “I already know which ones are my favourites”. You get the drift.

So thanks to the guys  for inviting us up again this year and giving us a reason to head to the city.


We stayed on the northern side, behind Luna Park where the event was being held.

So we had a great view from the hotel ~ this is the hallway while our room looked more towards the bay.


And of course, no trip to the park would be complete without that famous smile!


We had some time to kill in the morning and went wandering around the Opera House and into the gardens. We stumbled on Government House and sign advertising free house tours. This chance encounter was an absolute highlight ~ a knowledgeable and informative tour around this amazing building. If you are ever in the area on Fridays to Sundays, definitely check it out!


Then we hit the water ~ after the boys first ferry ride in the morning, we spent the afternoon cruising the harbour on a tall ship. This is the Soren Larson [or Soren Lorenson as we called it!] On such a glorious day, this was the perfect way to see the harbour. And learn a little history to boot.


And then the long-awaited point in our trip ~ heading to Taronga Zoo’s Roar and Snore. Again, awesome weather makes for a great experience but the program and our friendly hosts turned that to an amazingly memorable experience. Above is the view from the front of our “tent” [canvas walls but proper beds, floor and ... electricity!]


We  toured the zoo at night, made some cold-blooded friends, fed the giraffes and help the keepers in the sun bear enclosure.


And then got to hang around the zoo during the day. While this experience is certainly not cheap for a family of four, I do believe it is excellent value.


But all good things must come to end. And there’s an 11th photo I sneaked in. A short stay but full of awesome but relaxing at the same time. And you can’t beat Sydney for the “eye candy” [as my husband refers to the harbour view!]

We were invited to the Skylanders event but everything else was under our own steam, including travel and accommodation. Hit me up if you want to know anything specific about the individual places.

top 5 // photo-inspired reads


There are two things I bookmark obsessively ~ organisation and photography articles. And so you know, it doesn’t necessarily make me better at either.

But this week a few photography-inspired article caught my eye so for all my photo loving friends, I thought I’d share them here today. And we can bookmark obsessively together!

And hopefully take more, and better, photos!

  1. About the connection The Cameras we bring 
  2.  I get it, but I don’t. So this is handy. The histogram explained.
  3. So true. A reminder for every photographer
  4. 10 creative Instagram accounts to follow.
  5. And a  fun photo tutorial ~ CMYK dissection display



photo-a-day … the story so far


We are eight days into Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day July challenge and so far I’ve taken eight photos!

You know what that means ~ I’m up-to-date! So I thought I would take the moment to post about it while the going was good!

The first five days, pictured above, were red + white, beginning with K [Kellie holding a K1000], match, stars and on the table.

To take the match photo, I balanced my iPhone on its side and snapped the shots using a Shuttr remote which I got in the original Kickstartr last year.

I thought I would also share a little about the stars photo because although I did it quite quickly one afternoon, I was pretty happy with the result and see some other possibilities for the technique.

It was taken in the daytime with some fairylights held up by one of the boys. He stood in a doorway with the darker hallway behind him and the door shielding him from the doorway. [Where deflating number balloons are still residing from my birthday party!]


I then played with it in VSCO Cam, my present go-to processing app at the moment, darkening the exposure slightly for more effect and then used the Tadaa app [the Mr is a huge user of this app so knows it inside out!] to turn the fairylights into stars using their blur filter. They have a range of bokeh shapes just for this purpose which pick up any highlights and turn them into the shapes.

Tadaa is its own burgeoning community of photo users and has been going for a while but also has some really robust filters and techniques inside the app and is continually developing. It also developed a couple of app spin-offs for 3D and SLR.


And to the final three for the first eight ~ View, First and I’ve Never … [in this case I've never had an outdoor bath ... until this day].

Are you playing along with photo-a-day? Are you keeping up?

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