zesty gift guide // for the mister


The Mister and I don’t really go all out on the gift front most years, usually because we spoil ourselves too much through the year [like new cameras, shoes, wine, gadgets ~ you get the picture].

So we usually decide we need “x” and buy that for Christmas and follow it up with a CD or something similarly small to unwrap on the day.

But this isn’t the real world so if I could/would buy anything for the Mr under the tree this year, it might be among these zesty gifts.

Or who I am kidding, maybe I wouldn’t mind a couple of these myself.


zesty gift guide // snails and puppy dog tails


It’s that time of year ~ have you hit the shops yet to do your Christmas shopping? Made a list, checked it twice.

I’m at stage one ~ thinking about lists.

The smalls, however, are on the ball and have made their lists, in duplicate.

So in the lead-up to Christmas, I thought I might put together some zesty gift guides, and a bit of hint to what might be in Christmas stockings at our house on December 25. [Good thing none of the family really read here!]

Starting with the smalls. So if you are out shopping for boys aged 10 to 12, these are a few of the things that might be on their Christmas lists, too, this year.


it’s Friyay!



Things I’m looking forward to this weekend in no apparent order: a sleep-in, time with family and friends, some uninterrupted project time, reading, a quiet drink on the balcony.

How about you?

// Thanks to Present and Correct

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