pinned pulp // wish-peration


Let’s be honest. When we’re browsing Pinterest it’s not just about DIYs we want to try and recipes for mid-week dinners, it’s also about the life we would like to have.

The tidy home, perfect vignettes, the organised diary, the drool-worthy meal times.

Apparently just pinning posts about yoga and healthy smoothies, doesn’t make you fitter, flexible and healthier.

Back to the drawing board then.

But it is OK to dream, especially on a Wednesday aka hump day, so I’ve pulled together my top 5 wish-perations from my Pinterest.

What would be on your wish-peration list?

pinned pulp // monochrome … again


Always back to the monochrome, the classic black and white.

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but technical difficulties put the kibosh on that first thing. And here I was all prepared and had actually done it in advance. So much for a triumphant return to blogging!

Through any disconnected sojourn, I keep pinning. That’s the beauty of Pinterest, you don’t have to interact and can drop in and out as you like. It really is the introvert’s favourite social network.

And delving back into creative pursuits ~ I have to break a habit of images of only the moon and football ~ a little inspiration never goes astray.

My top picks ~ stationery, photo products and clean workspaces.

So some favourite pins from the past couple of weeks of a simple nature.





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zesty finds // time for tea


If there is one thing that can polarise people, it’s a favourite beverage.

Coffee or tea? Milk or black? Flavoured or straight up?

I’m partial to a cup of green tea myself, more so in winter than the summer, although I drink coffee ~ black, no sugar ~ all year round.

But who doesn’t love a good tea party?


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