zesty finds // notes you’ll get stuck on

zesty finds // stuck on you

Sticky notes are one of the simplest and cheapest ways to bring a little fun and pretty into your workspace.

On my desk alone I have a pad of camera sticky notes, a lime set, a foot set [a company promo] and cloud prints.

The only problem is, sometimes they are just too nice to use!


good grief! It’s a Peanuts movie

You know those days when you don’t really know what to blog about and then you open the computer and this is the first thing you see!

A Peanuts movie. Or as I prefer to think of it, a Snoopy movie. And it’s kind of glorious.

I had three different Snoopy toys, some figurines, books and one of those sticky playset things. I suddenly have an urge to dig through the long forgotten boxes in the top of the cupboard and see if it’s in there.

Charles Schulz’s son Craig and grandson Bryan are among the producers for the film and say a film is long overdue.

It’s always a risk when much-loved characters enter a new realm – this time 3D – but I think this looks promising. Notice the fuzz on Snoopy’s head?

So who’s going to come and see it with me?

zesty finds // orange after some workspace fun

zesty finds // range after some workspace fun

When I saw this bright orange frog desk tidy, I immediately thought of how fun a round-up of bright workspace finds might be.

Because who doesn’t want to bring a little sunshine into your office!

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