photo pulp // feather to shells

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O is for … olives and oregano. One of my favourites.

My run with photo a day continues and bringing together f to s has a nice touchpoint with Mother Nature.

So we are in the home straight now and I do hope I can keep it up.

It’s been lots of fun shooting and editing with the same idea each day and seeing the way the different lights and times of day have affected the finished product.

And thank goodness for daylight saving which allows a little extra time to sneak in a photo!


F is for feather; G is for giraffe; H is for harmonica; I is for inch; J is for jug; K is for key; L is for Lego; M is for matryoshka; N is for Nemo.


P is for pinecone; Q is for questions; R is for Rose; S is for shells.

I’ll admit I’ve preplanned the next few days as I head back into the working week to make sure I keep up to date and pencilled down a few ideas for each letter.

Are you doing photo a day in October? How are you going?

an evening at Eureka Skydeck


It seems only fitting to share this rather overdue post the same day as I head back to the city.

The Mr and I back in the metropolis of Melbourne for one night only ~ sans children.

This post, though, harks back to another time with smalls when we took in an evening at Eureka Skydeck.

The thing I love about Skydeck is how it is possible to spend endless time on the floor of one building ~ there is so much to look at, see, watch, do.

We had been before in the daytime and when work took us back to the city, we decided this time to head there for sunset and to check out the city lights.

I do love a lit up skyline ~ there is something very dramatic about the strings of lights, marking out roads and shining on ovals and parks.


Walking up to Skydeck is an experience in itself ~ I love those gold bees. The art installation is called Queen Bee by Richard Stringer.

This time we also took in the Edge Experience ~ the glass box that slides out from the tower to give you an uninterrupted view … down.

This was quite spectacular at night ~ and not nearly as nerve-wracking as I thought [although it wasn’t until right before that I realised I slid it ~ yeah, I don’t know what I thought either.]

We had our photo taken but in the interests of protecting the tough guy reputation of the small who joined us [one opted out from the start] ~ who was full of bravado until he was out there ~ I won’t share those images here. Although I do have them for posterity.

Naturally we took photos, lots of photos, which I included in a short video here. The beauty of my poor planning [cue reflective glass] means you get to see inside and out of what happens at Skydeck at dusk.

I was gifted tickets to Skydeck and the Edge experience.

things I’m loving …

Anything's possible

Happy Valentine’s Day! It seemed appropriate on this day of lurve to share a few things making me happy this week.

And I love this picture for the day of romance. [The Mr sent it to me this morning!]

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