photo pulp // feather to shells

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O is for … olives and oregano. One of my favourites.

My run with photo a day continues and bringing together f to s has a nice touchpoint with Mother Nature.

So we are in the home straight now and I do hope I can keep it up.

It’s been lots of fun shooting and editing with the same idea each day and seeing the way the different lights and times of day have affected the finished product.

And thank goodness for daylight saving which allows a little extra time to sneak in a photo!


F is for feather; G is for giraffe; H is for harmonica; I is for inch; J is for jug; K is for key; L is for Lego; M is for matryoshka; N is for Nemo.


P is for pinecone; Q is for questions; R is for Rose; S is for shells.

I’ll admit I’ve preplanned the next few days as I head back into the working week to make sure I keep up to date and pencilled down a few ideas for each letter.

Are you doing photo a day in October? How are you going?

lime link love // october 18

Some things for your weekend.

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colour crush // not so mellow yellow



A little bit of sunshine to brighten the week. Sometimes yellow ain’t so mellow ~ actually when is it ever? Then it’s just pastel!

  1. Too cool for school. A cookie stamper from SUCK UK
  2. Pineapples are the new watermelons. Cushion from Rapee
  3. Packing a punch, paper pom pom from Lark Store
  4. A true classic. Vase featuring Arne Clausen design from Leif
  5. Hello sunshine indeed. Art print from Rifle Paper Co
  6. Tasty gadgets! Sorbet iPhone case by Galaxy Eyes on Society6
  7. Colour my world. Yellow globe at Fab
  8. Colourful words with a vintage Contessa from Vintage from Venus
  9. A daily reminder of sunshine from Moleskine


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