so, I repainted


If you are reading this in a RSS reader, you might want to pop over and check out the new decor Lime Lane.

I’ve seen lots of people lately enjoying the new year for the simple reason it means a fresh start, in some ways a blank slate. I thoroughly agree with this sentiment.

So it is here, with the festive period behind us, that we begin again here at no. 74.

The survey has been refreshing, affirming and in some ways eye-opening. I hate to gush, but I will, because I have to say thank you for your responses, your honesty and feedback. It has truly been helpful more than I could have ever expected.

A quick rundown on the result ~ and the way forward.

The top 3 favourite posts

The 3 least favourite posts:

So there were some definite keepers and some definite cutbacks to make. A little reassessment.

What will you notice?

As of the weekend, we start again at no.1. The popularity of the zesty finds makes me think I need to bring them back to the blog (the social media experiment never really worked anyhow). And a few of you asked for more crafty and DIY links and the like, so again I will bring that back to the blog and scrap #74funthings on Twitter.

Naturally those old favourites won’t be going anywhere. The top 5 lists were also reasonably popular so they will stay. But zesty tweets,well I’ll admit I’m torn. So I’m going to stew on that one.

You can still add your comments to the survey here.

And I’ve declared 2013 the year of the newsletter. You can read about that, and sign up for zesty goodness straight to your inbox here.

PS. I’m also changing my ads over to Passionfruit ads. It works great, easy to do and you are in control. For all the info, stats and to book a spot go here.

new year = fresh and zesty start

Happy new year!

A little bit of housekeeping today.

I’ve deliberately been a bit sporadic these two weeks as I, and I’m sure you, have invested time with family and friends. It’s been lovely and unpressured.

But with all the festivities now done and dusted, it’s time to turn the attention back to “work”. {And I put that in ” because it’s not work when you enjoy it, is it?}

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~ Oprah

I’ve seen this quote floating around of late. That’s what I love about the new year ~ the fresh beginning. I’m hoping this year I can do all the things I didn’t get around to last year.

No resolutions for me this year, and I have some vague goals in my head but am yet to commit them to paper or hard facts just yet.

However, in  2013 I want Lime Lane to be all that I want it to be. All the things I think, dream, plan to do ~ I want to do.

So the new year is ripe for a little bloggy revamp. I’ve been throwing a few ideas around in my head and on paper the past couple of weeks with a mind to implementing them around about now.

Nothing too drastic. A little shake-up, a few tweaks, a new look. While the crux of Lime Lane will stay the same, it will just be a little spit and polish around the edges. Change is as good and all that. And everyone needs a freshen up now and then to keep things interesting, and interested.

I’ve put together a very quick questionnaire ~ three questions, multiple choice ~ for you to share what you do and don’t like to see on Lime Lane. I would love your input.

And watch this space! :)

{the pulp} randomness


Chance doesn’t mean meaningless randomness, but historical contingency. This happens rather than that, and that’s the way that novelty, new things, come about. ~ John Polkinghorne

I’m having a hard time focusing at the moment? Is is the season? The ideas? The end of the year approaching?

I’m feeling in need of a change, a shake-up. So today, a little bit of housekeeping.

Personally I like timing, neat and sensible timing. Ideally I would wait until January 1 or some other auspicious date to change things, but I’m feeling impatient and can’t wait that long. So the final week in November it is.

  • If you click over, I’ve made a small change to the header.
  • Though usually quite beholden to my editorial calendar, I’m going to let loose for a bit and see how it goes. This is usually an annual event and after a bit I usually fall back into my regimented ways but a shake-up is good for the soul.
  • You may have noticed {zesty finds} has fallen a bit by the wayside of late so I’m going give it the biggest shake-up and take them over to social media channels ~ Twitter & Facebook ~ but don’t worry if you aren’t on those sites, I’ll do a weekly round-up as part of {zesty tweets} as well.

I’m already thinking, planning and brainstorming for 2013. I feel underwhelmed by 2012 and am setting myself some goals for a bigger and better new year. Now hopefully I can find some extra hours in the day to do all the things I want too.

And some shop news:

on society6

These are some of my products on society6. The site introduced throw pillows {top} last week and I love the way they look. The second row is stationery cards and the third row totes. There are also iPhone cases, laptop skins and more. {If there is something from the archives you would like included over there, let me know and I’ll add it!}

And there’s free shipping today. Stock up now for Christmas!

Keep an eye on the Etsy shop, too, for some new prints.

Phew, I’m glad to have that off my chest. How are  you finding things as the end of year approaches?

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