{lime pulp} an open letter to you, the reader

a letter

Dear lovely Lime Lane reader,

Thanks so much for being here and sharing my online space. When I started my blog a little over three years ago, I didn’t know where it would take me. I don’t know how it would inspire me and how it would help me find like-minded people that I would one day call “friend”.

But now I find myself opening a new chapter in the Lime Lane story.

Firstly, I’ve been approached a few times lately with some opportunities. This was both unexpected, and highly flattering. Naturally everyone likes to be wanted.

Second, for the first time in my working life, the seemingly strong foundation that is my job security is starting to show some cracks. There is some uncertainty as to whether, I will have a job, or what my job will become. The foundation may just continue to crack, or it may crumble completely. Who knows.

But thanks to this blog, I have some options. And it’s time to start looking at those options and making sure there is a safe place to land if the foundation does implode in a dust-filled pile of debris and rubble.

That’s why, in the interests of transparency, I wanted to let you know that when these opportunities come up, and they fit with me and Lime Lane, then I’m going to take them.

Starting around about now, you will see the occasional sponsored posts, here and on social media channels, where appropriate.  They will be clearly defined, as they should be,  and marked with the word “sponsored”.


I also want you to know, in fact make it very clear, that you won’t really see many changes.

The same posts and content that you see day in and day out, and love {I hope :) } will still be there. They won’t be replaced by sponsored content. Any sponsored posts will come in addition to regular features. Essentially, this blog won’t change.

As well, they will fit in with what Lime Lane is about. They will cover photography, design, home and family. My aim is they won’t “jar” and will be a seamless integration with what you normally see on Lime Lane.

You know what they say, never say never. But I do hope you will continue to join me for the ride.

{lime pulp} new year, new look

take a look

I’m kicking off 2012 with a fresh new look so if you are reading through an RSS feed, pop over and check out the renovation.

And along with a new look, will come new categories and a new posting schedule. All the categories have been re-organised into seven broader categories, you can see them up there, and hopefully the re-design will be more stable and faster to load.

Not much will change, however, but my aim is for Lime Lane to be a destination for inspiration, be it with lovely things or motivating words, with a few photography and technology snippets thrown in.

And if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to a feed  or to the weekly Lime Time newsletter over there in the sidebar.

Let’s get this show on the road, shall we.


getting the house in order

So if you look around you may notice a few small changes here at 74 Lime Lane. Hopefully we have worked out all the kinks and I apologise if you popped by and things were a little hinky today.

But we are done playing for the moment. We’ve moved somethings around, changed the header, and added a weekly line-up {see “the pulp” down there on the right}. [I like schedules and order, it keeps me on track].

Still to come will be a new page for a blog roll and a new page for the downloads. So keep an eye out for that.

Let me know if you have any feedback or encounter any of the dreaded 404 pages.

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