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Last week I shared a link to a new app in which you had to wait an hour to see your photos develop. You can read more about it here.

Now as someone who grew up in the film era, and still has several film cameras in rotation, I knew I had to give this app a try.

The Mr scoffed a little when I told him about it [all apps are automatically downloaded to the other person’s phone] but he soon got in on the fun, too.


Not only is a bit of non-filter fun, it also means you take that moment longer to frame your shot [particularly if you are like me and have an annoying purple mould-like mark ever-present in your iPhone camera! You can see it in the image above. Bring on the iPhone 6].

And I’m loving the results of the black and white film emulation. So much so, at one point I was taking photos exclusively with 1-hour photo.


These are a  few photos from the weekend as we got out and about it on the nicer days.



Download 1-hour photo here

crush // notegraphy app

Crush // notegraphy app

What can I say ~ I can be quite the lazy creator sometimes.

That’s why I love this new-to-me app Notegraphy [available for iOS and Android] which lets you turn your quotes and words into well-designed notes you can share.

The video below explains it all but it is quite fun and simple to use, albeit a little slow sometimes. Above is a quartet from my gallery!

Download // NotegraphyiOS and Android

Found via Design Taxi

groove pulp // coffee shop productivity … at home

coffee shop productivity

You know that feeling when you are at a coffee shop and you seem to get so much more done, you’re inspired, things are rolling off your fingers.

It’s hard to recreate that at home.

But this playlist I found on Spotify helps to do the trick. It’s long and eclectic so grab your favourite beverage and hit play.

Add to the ambience with Coffitivity. They share research that shows it’s  hard to be creative in a quiet space but, the mix of calm and commotion in an environment like a coffee house is proven to be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing.

This post goes into detail about how to optimise your environment for creativity, including temperature, noise and lighting.

Here’s how it works: moderate noise levels increase processing difficulty which promotes abstract processing, leading to higher creativity. Or, in other words, when we struggle just enough to process things as we normally would, we resort to more creative approaches.

Stream one from your device and one from your computer to create a true coffee house ambience!

Happy creating!


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