working and learning with the bees

work and learn with the bees

Bee week is technically over but there was one last post I wanted to squeeze in while we were thinking and appreciating our busy little friends.

What can you do for the bees, and what can the bees do for you?

There’s some really simple steps we can take in our everyday lives to aid the work of the bees.

  1. You love your spring blooms brightening the garden and so do the bees. A garden or planter full of flowers helps the bees with their foraging ~ good varieties include lavender [pictured above ~ always see the bees buzzing around the purple flowers], lilacs, sunflowers, vegetable and herbs, sunflowers and poppies.
  2. At the same time, keep that garden chemical-free. Pesticides and chemicals can leach into pollen.
  3. It’s hard but let the lawn live a little with the weeds ~ bees love clover and dandelions.
  4. Yep, bees get thirsty, too. A simple shallow container of water or a few stones in the bird bath for them to crawl on will be much appreciated.
  5. It’s like anything ~ the closer to the farm gate, the better the product. And the same goes for honey. Try and buy local, raw honey which is not treated by chemicals. You support a local producer and it’s better for you.

And there’s a few lessons to learn from the striped army that would certainly help the world go around.

  1. Work as a team
  2. Mind your own beeswax
  3. Stop and smell the flowers.
  4. Stay close to your honey
  5. And just bee yourself.

You can read all the bee week posts right here. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little flight of fancy into their buzzy world!


snapshots // 13

Snapshots // October 13 ~ fly away

I look back on this week and the photographer in me is a happy gal. This is a great snapshot of my week and I’m managing to keep up with the photo-a-day challenge.

Snapshots // October 13 ~ limoncello and coconut ice-cream cake

Of course, any week is a little sweeter with some yummy dessert leftovers ~ and there were a few treks to the freezer this week to grab another slice of this delectable limoncello and coconut ice-cream cake made from a donna hay recipe. This is simple and scrumptious!

Snapshots // October 13 ~ market flowers

Some bright blooms are bringing the spring colour inside.

Snapshots // October 13 ~ off to the races

A few hours enjoying the spring sunshine and some socialising trackside.

Snapshots // October 13 ~ lunchtime companions

And it wouldn’t be bee week without snapping some of my buzzy friends who were busy in the garden during a lunchtime outing.

Snapshots // October 13 ~ photo a day wrap

And this week in a photo a day: 8 o’clock, what you saw today, corner, pink, hands, m is for … and below.

Spring is such a great time to be out snapping!

lime link love // 40

lime link love // 40

  1. The Muppets inserted into famous artworks. Yes, as funny as it sounds.
  2. Or perhaps satire is more your thing ~ Satiregram pokes fun at Instagram cliches
  3. The best Living with Kids ever ~ astronaut Karen Nyberg on the ISS
  4. And what space movies astronauts love
  5. Time for me to start a Lego collection ~ the new Parisian restaurant to be released next year. Oh my the detail.
  6. Insects and their BFFs
  7. Make ol’ timey roundographs on your phone with Photojojo
  8. And your a-ha moment for the weekend ~ I love Kelly’s series on your personality type. Start here with why you can’t say no.
  9. And in honour of bee week, an amazing video of a bee’s wings which flap at 600 beats per second slowed down to 5000 frames a second. Read more at mashable Video requires Flash and may not be viewable on all devices

Have a great weekend!

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