friday freebie: a birthday printable

We all know someone having a birthday at some point, and it wouldn’t be a Friday, or a bloggy birthday, without a printable and a little bit of Seuss love now, would it?

So here’s a print, a letter-sized pdf so it fits universally on all printers. Use it for someone special on their birthday, or print two to a page {an option in Acrobat} to make cards.

Get the “Your Day of all Days!” print here

share your milestones ~ my first linky

So today is a milestone. And as part of the birthday party, I want you to share your milestones.

It could be anything ~ your own bloggy birthday, the birth of a child, a revelation, starting your own blog. Anything at all.

If you posted about it, leave a link so we can celebrate your milestone, too. Or just leave a comment. There’s no statue of limitations, any milestone at all, any timeframe.

For me, there was my 100th comment, 100 sales in my Etsy shop and my 1000th post, and then there was the time I smashed a lens and almost broke my camera, or buying my first Polaroid camera.

OK, and let’s not discount marrying my wonderful Hubby and the birth of our two children.

That’s what’s amazing about the past two years.

today’s the day

{so I stole this cake from my seven year old's party}

Today’s the day. 74 Lime Lane is two years old. Today.

To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of time reflect on this little milestone.

However,  I do know a few things.

  • I love blogging. And mostly I can’t put into words why. The tech side, the community, the inspiration, the motivation, the community.  It’s still all a bit of a mystery to me.
  • Did I mention I love the blogging community? Or the people I’ve “met” online, “become friends” with online, check in with almost daily. These are people I connect with, you know what a blog is, who know what’s it like to juggle an online world and family life.
  • This little space has shown me things I can do, could do, want to do. Way beyond whatever I thought or imagined two years ago. I found new loves and rejuvenated old ones. I found my thing.
  • I’m happy, thrilled, proud, amazed to be marking two years in this little space today.

Thanks for being around for the past two years ~ commenting, liking, tweeting, reading, lurking.

Stick around ~ there be lots of birthday goodness happening. Including a giveaway of some 74 Lime Lane goodies later on today.

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