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I saw this quote over on The Art of Simple on the weekend and thought it was wonderfully true.

It’s quite apt as the  youngest makes his way through the Harry Potter series and I wonder if it’s time for a re-read of the books myself.

Some of my favourite books I’ve read as an adult are actually meant for a much younger audience. And who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane with a delve into an Enid Blyton book and joining the adventures of the Faraway Tree gang or the naughtiest girl in school.

What’s your favourite childhood book?

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things I’m loving …

And another weekend sails past. Where do they go? So as we ease into the new week, a few bits and bobs to kick us off.

Remember, the first five days after the weekend are the hardest [internet meme!]


lime link love // 08.02.14

lime link love // 08.02.14

I would have this post done hours ago if not for doing three or four things at once! The curse of multi-tasking.

We’re getting ready for another scorching weekend here so planning another weekend close to home and keeping cool, and perhaps catching up on things. And of course some reading.

Not to mention a little link love from the web this week.

  1. An Instagram seafood cooking school. Brilliant.
  2. new moon panorama 
  3. The first Porsche ~ 114 years old
  4. The world’s most expensive wasteland
  5. More New York beauty from Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg with Seeing New York
  6. And the invisible city made of sky hidden in New York
  7. Great podcast from Grace of design*sponge on her favourite apps
  8. And some reading inspiration ~ the 100 most influential books ever written
  9. And in case you missed it this week, Ira Glass’ quote on creativity visualised:

Have a great weekend!

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