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Tis [almost] the season of giving and all that and so I have an extra double of calendars for your December!

Even better, my friend and photographer Kell Rowe from  Blackcurrant Photography has supplied this month’s images.

Kell, who made the mistake of inquiring after the December calendar and so I co-opted her into sharing some images, has provided something a little festive with some bright colours and the beautiful pine branches.

She focuses on the beauty of her home state with her photography, particularly in the abundance of natives and wildflowers found in Western Australia.

You can find out more about her work here where you can find links to her shops where she sells not only photographic prints but jewellery, phone cases, mugs and more.

December comes with excitement, anticipation, trepidation and tree trimming. I might cave in this weekend and do the whole Christmas thing although I am strictly a December 1 kind of gal.

But there are a few other things happening in December.

  • December starts on the same day of the week as September every year and ends on the same day of the week as April every year.
  • The month gets its name from the Latin word “decem” which means 10th. It was originally the 10th month of the year in the Roman calendar.
  • December hosts World Aids Day on the first and Novel prizes are awarded on the 10th, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death.
  • Of course there’s Christmas, but many countries also celebrate St Nicholas Day on dates through the month.
  • The summer or winter solstice, depending on your hemisphere, will be marked on December 21.
  • Its birth flower is the holly or poinsettia and the birthstone is the blue turquoise or zircon, and the recently added tanzanite.

Download the horizontal calendar in pink or the vertical version

Download the horizontal calendar in green or the vertical version


Now as well as getting ready for December, this is the last weekend to get ready for advent. The past few years I’ve tried desperately to pull together an advent calendar for the smalls and despite the fact they are getting older, I think you are never too old for an advent calendar.

So four ideas to get your advent on this weekend.

Check out last year’s round-up here and previous years here and here

As well as my DIY advent calendar, including printables and a list of ideas, here

Although I do believe this advent calendar, for adults only, might be the perfect solution this Christmas!

calendar // November


I said it the other day and on reflection, realised how true it was. It’s not Halloween that scares me, it’s the day after ~ the eldest turns 12.

Twelve?! How did that happen?

I guess when you consider the lightning fast pace of each and every year, it’s not that hard to believe. This photo was taken on the same day that last year’s November taken. It’s a long time between decent photo walks!

Next year, a few short months away, I will have a high schooler, children in different schools, the apron strings slightly loosened.

So now, with the weeks in the school dwindling into single figures, I’m going to relish the simple weeks we have left.

So November. The year’s end is but two months away.

So we kick off with All Saints Day and of course end with Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

  • November comes from the Latin novem meaning nine.
  • It starts on the same day of the week as February and March in common years and is one of four months with 30 days.
  • November 11 is Remembrance Day or Veterans Day in the US. Other notable dates include World Diabetes Day on November 15, International Men’s Day on November 19. It’s also Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It’s also Movember.
  • For budding writers it’s a big month with National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month. [Timely writing advice round-up here]
  • The race that stops the nation, Australia’s own Melbourne Cup is on the first Tuesday.
  • The birthstone is topaz and the citrine and the flower is the chrysanthemum.

Download the vertical calendar / horizontal calendar

calendar // october

Farewell weekend. You hurry back now, ya hear! #bestofOver #madewithOver @Over #Raleway by

So hello October! [Not wanting to state the obvious but wow, how did that happen?!!]

Anyway, new month new start.

September 30 marked the deadline and end point on a busy period for me at the paying job. And I feel like I can clear the decks a bit and get back into things,into life.

This feeling of anew might also come from the fact we had a little clean-up on the weekend, nothing drastic, but a couple of clutter catching spots – one being my study – have also had the deck cleared, so to speak.

It’s amazing the psychological effect a project, a to do list, clutter, can have on the mind, it’s like a weight hanging over you and when it finally lifts, you feel you can stand up straight and get back into all the other things.

Do you ever have that feeling?

It’s like the effect a big deadline or a big event can have on the mind and you can’t see past it to the horizon. At the moment I’m fully aware of the dates, I knew my deadline was September 30, but its more hurdle than a date, the number becomes meaningless.

And that is why, of course, it comes as such as big surprise that it is now October! If we talk in numbers, that’s three months until the end of the year.

Let’s not go there.

Now it is more than a year ago that I started these little fun facts about the month and I’ve cheated and grabbed last year’s.

But it’s a whole new calendar. You can download it here and here! It features a shot of the Opera House that featured in the Sydney post the other week. Bit of a tourism plug for down under.

Wishing you a great month!

  • So October, “octo” of course meaning eighth, is the 10th month in the calendar but sat at No. 8 in the old Roman calendar, hence its name.
  • In non-leap years, October starts on the same day as January, that makes it a perfect time for a new beginning, don’t you think?
  • October 2 is International Day of Non-Violence, commemorated on the birthday of Mohandas Gandhi
  • There is also World Animal Day on October 4 and in Britain, October celebrations also include Apple Day, as in the fruit. And United Nations Day, marking the anniversary of the Charter of the UN on October 24.
  • For all the philatelists, it’s National Stamp Collecting month.
  • And a cause dear to my own heart, October also marks Breast Cancer Awareness month. Do the check, ladies!
  • October’s birthstones are the pink tourmaline and the opal and its birth flower the calendula.

Download the vertical calendar / horizontal calendar

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