{my creative space} a sky full of stories

sky trails

Today, I thought, “I got nothing”. I’m still playing with my food but apart from that I’ve been busy changing routines and walking the tight rope of work-life balance. There hasn’t been much creating.

sky trails

But there has been al lot of  getting up early, which brings me to this.

Apparently, just before sunrise, the country skies are the equivalant of the main street at peak hour, with no less than six planes streaking across various parts of the aero landscape. I looked out my little studio window to see the first rays of the sun picking up the trail of a high-flying airliner. I grabbed camera, and iPhone, and raced outside.

sky trails

I wonder where they were all going, what they might have planned for today.

sky trails

our creative spaces

{my creative space} it’s going to be foto february

photo time

Let’s all sing that familiar refrain ~ where has my week gone?

It’s Thursday, the smalls have almost completed a week back at school, and I still have a to do list as long as my arm.

Never mind, because things are getting creative around here, and now that I stop and think about it, it’s also getting exciting.

For starters, my week started on Tuesday. After the epic Australian Open final {which I had to wait for as a news hound}, I decided that Tuesday would be the  new Monday.

And amazingly it was quite the productive day.

But yesterday is when things got exciting, and busy. My day was caught up tending to one of the small’s needs, which blocked out most of my day, but inbetween, some amazing things happened.

  • We launched a new month, a new theme and a new design for the Creative Collective as it celebrates its birthday this February. Do stop by and check it out.
  • I won a spot in Vivienne McMaster’s Light Hunters course thanks to tinniegirl. {thank you thank you thank you Cathy!} I’m so looking forward to seeing how this reflects in my photography and I’m already taking more notice of the way light falls.
  • And Souvenir Foto School has started so I’m deep in thought about working around a theme.

And today, well, it’s time to start taking some photos.

So it’s going to be a bit of a foto February. Be ready for a slide show.

our creative spaces

{re-lime rewind} my not-so creative space in 2011

This week in the holidays I’ll be revisiting popular and favourite posts as part of {re-lime rewind}. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Today, a quick peruse through the creative space archives, and I’ll admit, 2011 was not my most creative year. Although it was somewhat of a foundation year. Expanding camera types and techniques and picking up a few bits and pieces to spur creativity on. In 2012, I think I will aim to get more out of my creative space. If you look closely , you can see a bit of theme ~ interspersed with the lamentation of a lack of time: photography, paper and technology.

{creatve space} I made a book ~ introducing e{pulp}

i made a book

I made a book! Sort of. Actually, it’s an e-book, or iBook.

Yes, in times when I could have been a tad more productive, but no one was really paying any attention, I made a book.

Introducing the debut issue of e{pulp}, which suggests there might be an issue 2, who knows?

But it was fun and I thought I would give it a go.

It is a really little e-book, only 12 pages, almost an e-zine, in a format not entirely suited to the genre.

The format is not well suited to images and is actually best suited to novels with reams of text. So I have taken this a bit out of the square so excuse the sometime odd page breaks and somewhat messy formatting. Each device or computer will render the book differently based on it’s size and the user-defined font size.

{creatve space} I made a book ~ introducing e{pulp}

Download the first issue of e{pulp} for iPad/iPhone here

It is best viewed on an iPad or an iPhone ~ you just need the free iBooks app to view it.

Once you download the ZIP file, unzip it and you’ll have a short readme.txt file and the epulp_issue1.epub file. Open iTunes 9.1 and higher and simply drag the ePUB into the Library area of iTunes on the left side. It should now appear in the Books Area of iTunes and once you plug in your device, you can select it as a book to sync in the Books Tab in iTunes.

But never fear, if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can read it on Adobe’s free computer application Digital Editions.

I’ve also made a PDF version and a Kindle {it’s black and white} version.

What can I say? I can’t walk away from anything new and shiny, and I’m excited by the possibilities this idea could turn in to.

jumping through hoops

hoop in progress

This is about a month overdue, but this little project was “in the hoop” for the Creative Collective May project, it just never happened.

I had some leftover hoops from a little crafty project with the kids a while ago.

My idea ~ framed photos.

My tools ~ my photos, hubby’s work’s fabric printing machine

hoop finished

The result ~ voila, and me having to learn how to cut and back an embroidery hoop. Let’s just say it was a sticky situation. And I’m not showing you the back.

Think I’m going to try a few more though.

cc snail mail swap ~ what I sent

In other news, I got together my little snail mail packages for the creative collective snail mail swap. This is what is heading off to my receipients. Reminded me why I love snail mail.

wishing, hoping, stamping and thinking

Hello, welcome to Thursday, and perhaps one of the busiest days in the blogosphere ~ creative space day.

First up, did you get the whole song title title?

Don’t fret, that’s not the extent of my creativity today. Although I don’t have a whole lot to show for my creative output this week ~ a whole lot of doing, not a whole lot of physical creating.

What I have been doing is some stamping? Actually, what I have been doing is some buying, of stamps.

First off, I couldn’t resist this stamp from Present & Correct. It joined a growing collection of stamps on my desk.

And then I saw this deal on oh hello friend! and got my own 74 Lime Lane stamp.

So, stamping. I need some practice, too.

And I’m also thinking ~ about my little corner of the web’s two-year anniversary TOMORROW. Sorry, but I’m trying to think of a fun way to celebrate it with all of you and, well the day is fast approaching and the ideas are … blank.

So, I’m wishing and hoping for some ideas, more time … you know how it goes.

adventures in film

rainbow {yashica}

I couldn’t hold out any longer so at the start of the week, during a trip to the photography lab, I dropped off the films that were in my Diana mini and the Yashica film camera I bought off ebay a few weeks back.

sunset {yashica}

Putting in films is always an adventure ~ bit like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!

I was particularly intrigued by the Yashica, its focusing mechanism wasn’t overly sharp through the viewfinder and I wasn’t sure if anything would be in focus.

clouds  {yashica}

So it was a happy day when I picked these up. There were a couple of duds among this lot, a couple I have no idea what they are supposed to be.

blossoms {yashica}

The main ones above are from the Yashica.

diana trio

1. pink {diana}, 2. rainbow {diana}, 3. daffodil {diana}

This trio is from my Diana mini. Lately I have been carting both of these around, taking the same shot with each. Hence all the rainbows!

I’m certainly ready for another adventure!


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