lime link love // october 18

Some things for your weekend.

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pinned pulp // wish-peration


Let’s be honest. When we’re browsing Pinterest it’s not just about DIYs we want to try and recipes for mid-week dinners, it’s also about the life we would like to have.

The tidy home, perfect vignettes, the organised diary, the drool-worthy meal times.

Apparently just pinning posts about yoga and healthy smoothies, doesn’t make you fitter, flexible and healthier.

Back to the drawing board then.

But it is OK to dream, especially on a Wednesday aka hump day, so I’ve pulled together my top 5 wish-perations from my Pinterest.

What would be on your wish-peration list?

pinned pulp // cool greens

pinned pulp // cool greens

The fog has started to roll in of a morning this week, which makes for a dreary start to the day, and  the confirmation winter is not too far away.

So a pop of colour via some Pinteresting inspiration with some cool greens.


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