pinned pulp // 15

pinned pulp // 15

Funny, isn’t it, you can always find time to “pin”.

Although a quick scroll through Pinterest, with one eye on the clock, is a great way to while away the time before those last few minutes before leaving for work and school, or during  the ad breaks on TV.

I loved this post on Remodelista about learning to love Pinterest.

Everyone shares their dreams visualized in an eternal cyberspace community where all are welcome and no one is turned away. Ever. It’s a place where wordless juxtapositions become a divine form of editing; a place where products are not the point, feeling is.

Yep, we love Pinterest.

Here’s some bright and happy things I’ve been pinning lately.

I think the shot is about the lipstick but I love in hair, and particularly the angle of the shot. / pinned [source unknown]

Love this combination ~ lettering from Marlene Franco

Make it happen indeed ~ notepad with bling from Lara Casey

I’m still party planning and thinking this free Save the Date printable from Best Day Ever might come in handy.

The family loves anything lemon so might hae to give these lemon bars from bakers royale a try.

All pins, and follow me, here.

a romantic three for free

three for free // a little bit of romance

You can’t avoid it ~ Valentine’s Day is coming and it makes it easier to not think about the fact that supermarkets already have Easter eggs out.

So a little three for free round-up today with a hint of romance.

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