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This will seem a little out of character for this space but I have to give you some background. See, I have a hot husband.

OK, so in truth, while he does have something Clooney-esque about his looks [he’s going to kill me!], he also runs at a temperature a little warmer than me.

And this invariably means me under the doona in the middle of summer after he’s turned the air-conditioning back on.

Did I mention I was also in my winter PJs?


This is why when Lorraine Lea offered to send me one of their gel pillow pads to try, I hastily accepted. For him, not me.

It was the perfect item for him to try out and arrived with great timing smack bang after a few sleepless nights.

Nothing like putting it to the test.

And even my sometimes cynical friend had to admit it appeared to help after the first refreshing night’s sleep that week.

It’s really quite ingenious and simple. The gel pillow pad just slips inside your pillow slip with your pillow. It also comes in a mattress mat.

Made with anti-bacterial, non-toxic medical silica gel which is 85 per cent water to absorb the body’s heat, the gel pads are designed to give relief to fever, hot flushes or hot sleepers, or “hot husbands”.

So they are really quite useful to have on hand.

And while the Mr is enjoying the relief during the summer nights, I’m thinking it might come in handy for moi when those hot flushes start [I’m not getting any younger you know!]

So this is all about a good night’s sleep. How to ensure a good night’s sleep and why you should make sure you get one.

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Plus a little “get a good night’s sleep” giveaway!

I have a little package which includes a Lorraine Lea gel pillow pad, some chamomile tea, an eye mask and  some relaxing essential oils.

Just comment below with your best tip for a good night’s sleep to be in the running to win. Closes Saturday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day! Open to everyone but not all items can be shipped overseas.

[The giveaway is now closed]. Congratulations to Narelle Rock ~ wishing you a good night’s sleep!

The Gel Mattress Mat [$299] and Pillow Pad [$39] are available from Lorraine Lea and can be purchased by visiting the website or by calling 1800 641 089.

I was gifted this product in accordance with my disclosure policy

things I’m loving …

And another weekend sails past. Where do they go? So as we ease into the new week, a few bits and bobs to kick us off.

Remember, the first five days after the weekend are the hardest [internet meme!]


flapping knickers and cancer awareness

Knickers for a cause

Today is Teal Ribbon Day in Australia, part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

Ovarian cancer is dubbed the silent killer, its symptoms are nothing out of what a woman would ordinarily experience for a range of other ailments. And often, by the time it is diagnosed it is often too late.

It’s the reason that groups around Australia and the world are trying to raise awareness of this insidious disease.

Here, in Albury-Wodonga, the local awareness group have put up a clothesline of teal knickers for the month of February. The knickers kindly donated by the local Kmart and the clothesline hangs on the main road between the two cities.

It’s a great and fun idea to draw attention to an issue that an insidious side.

A few years back I was reading an old magazine while I ate my lunch and in it was an article about ovarian cancer. Reading the list of symptoms it struck me I had been experiencing many of them in the few weeks before.

I felt like an idiot, a hypochondriac, but I went to my doctor and told him the story. Thankfully, he is a fantastic doctor, checked me over, offered to write referrals for any tests and I  got the all clear.

But he did say that it was also better to get it checked, particularly as I had a history of breast cancer in the family.

Each year in Australia around 1400 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and more than 1000 will die from the disease.

The four most common symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

  • Abdominal or pelvic pain;
  • Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating;
  • Needing to urinate often or urgently; and,
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly.

The first step to raising awareness is knowing the symptoms.

Find out more at Ovarian Cancer Awareness

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