a survival kit … just for you


I apologise for going AWOL last week. Sadly, we had a family funeral to attend and the week just got away from me. And truthfully, I just wanted to curl up with my own thoughts and avoid jumping back into the world. Classic introvert behaviour!

But this post, which has been brewing for a while, becomes even more pertinent.

I first came across  the survival kit idea at a team-building exercise for work. A Google search shows they are quite common and can be tailored for teachers, students, friends and colleagues.

But of course the blogger in me also thought, what a lovely thing to share.

  • A feather  ~ to remind you that you can fly … and sometimes you just need to wing it!
  • A penny ~ for your thoughts.
  • A marble ~ to replace the ones you lose.
  • A rubber band ~ to remind you to be flexible.
  • A paper clip ~ to remind you that you are an important link in others lives.
  • A lollipop ~ to remind you that you can lick all your problems.
  • An eraser ~ to remind you that everyone makes mistakes.
  • A Band-Aid ~ to fix hurt feelings.
  • A roll of tape ~ to help you stick with it when things are rough.
  • A crayon ~ to help colour your day.
  • A match ~ to light up your day.

pinned pulp // stormy blues


We’ve been subject to some typical summer storms of late and at a time when I’ve seen better weeks, it seems only fitting to let my Pinterest picks set the mood with some stormy seas, blues and blacks.

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the world needs more banana lounges

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If you missed the other 4037 times I mentioned it, I’ve just come off a little holiday.

More of a staycation of which the highlight was the purchase and use of a banana lounge and matching umbrella.

Now I had many an hour to watch the world [ie. my back yard] go by and ponder the big questions.

I also wondered why I hadn’t lashed out a bought a $25 luxurious deck chair before. (Why the Mr continues to wonder why I had … men!)

The male members of the family scoffed. “Why would you buy one of those?” “What the heck is that?”  “Do you need a strip of blue turf in front of that for the sea?” [I didn’t mention I thought about dumping some sand on the paving to sink my feet in.]

But take it from me, a drink in a fancy glass sipped while lying on a banana lounge, protected from the sun by a colourful umbrella is the quickest and cheapest way to get that holiday feeling!

I’m now a proud banana lounge believer. I will humbly say I think the simple banana lounge is severely under-rated.

I would lie prone in the back yard, secluded by trees and shaded by my umbrella, in my own private oasis, occasionally  flicking through a magazine or checking in with the world via my phone. Butterflies would flutter past, birds would bob around doing their daily chores, the sounds of the neighbourhood would float across the yard and my cares would float away with them.

Sounds pretty blissful, hey.

Peace, serenity, goodwill ~ it’s at the end of that banana lounge.

Smalls having a battle of wills. Maybe some time out in banana lounges. If not for them at least for you.

I might be on to something here.

They don’t make them in bright colours for nothing. They are designed for happiness.

Dust off that banana lounge in the back of the shed or go and buy one today.

The world needs more banana lounges.



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