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The website iMore runs this great series of posts around what’s on different people’s iPhones and how are organise them.

In a similar vein to my need to bookmark all the productivity and organisation articles I came across, I’m always interested to peek into how other people organise their iPhones.

Before I share what’s on my iPhone, I have a confession.

My name is Kellie and I’m an app hoarder.

We won’t go into exactly how many apps are on my iPhone, it’s in the vicinity of a couple, maybe several, hundred, which is why I’m only sticking with page 1 of my iPhone screens today.

Reading iMore you can see some people only have about 100 and they have two screens and everything is neatly ordered in folders on screen two! My jaw drops.

From screen two, my iPhone is a scramble of apps, folders and chaos. I’ve deleted apps and new apps appear in their place and the randomness begins.

I have seven screens of various fullness. I really must clean them up.

I loved the introduction of folders in iOS but now not sure whether to love or loathe ~  that extra step to get in to app prompts my dilemma about how to organise my own phone. Hence my intrigue at peeking at the screens of others.

Did you know, some people actually have a blank first screen, or minimal apps? Don’t know if I’m ready for that!


Anyway, my iPhone screen No. 1. I have a wallpaper from the stock selection at the moment and one thing I love about the iPhone 6 is that extra line of apps you get on each screen, which meant a quick reorganise when I first got it.

I’ve stuck with the standards in the dock. I use the Google app for all my web searching which is mainly what I do on the iPhone as far as web surfing goes, and also have Chrome in a folder as it syncs with my desktop.

The mail app has been usurped by the Mailbox app which I’ve been using since it first came out and I recently downloaded the Mac beta version as well. I love this app which allows you to stay at inbox zero by timing your emails to pop back into your inbox at a time when you can action them. The new mail app does this, too, I think now but I’m sticking with Mailbox.

The main social media icons live on the front screen, natch, and less used ones in the Get Social folder.

I have four cameras on this screen ~ goodness knows why I invariably stick to the native one 90% of the time ~ and I actually have another four to eight on the next screen as well! [This is where the Hoarders theme song starts …]

Plus there is the apps that take certain photos in the HDR and speed folder.

When I’m bored, the Play / Read / Do folder ~ an extra browser, Pinterest, Words with Friends etc all live in here.

The Photography folder holds my favourite processing apps. Some of them not as well used any more and some used all the time. Sounds like time for a clean-up. The highlights in here would be VSCOcam, Snapseed, PS Touch plus Over for adding type, Squaready for white backgrounds and PicFrame for collages.

There are some apps for easy reference ~ Maps and GoPro ~  and then some new ones like Hyperlapse and Over’s little brother Quick. I like having Little Moments there to post photo a day images when I can’t be bothered typing the day’s prompt [how lazy is that!].

Health is iOS’s new medikit app. I have no apps that presently talk to this but it has a neat Medical ID feature which records your vital information and can be accessed on the locked screen under Emergency. And Fitbit ~ which I used to have on like the sixth screen and I would swipe and swipe to check my steps. I thought perhaps it would be better before all the recipe apps than after. It seemed more fitting.

And Feedly. Some people have a shot at this app but I really like it. I mourned Google Reader but have found feedly a more than worthy replacement and it has something Reader never did ~ apps! I use it on iPhone and iPad and like Pinterest, find it quite seamless throughout. The slightly bigger iPhone6 screen is not bad for reading through blogs on this app either, though I usually prefer my iPad when I can.

So, favourite apps? Hoarder or minimalist? Folders or randomness?

What does your iPhone say about you?


{snapshot} the cold can’t stop the colour


I often get through the week and think I’ve been snapping all week but find haven’t taken many photos. It’s usually because they are all tucked away on my iPhone. And since yet another demise of quotidien, I’ve haven’t really been sharing iPhone snaps here.

Now we had rather grey weekend here and, coupled with the freezing temperatures, it wasn’t really conducive to getting out and taking photos. But there were some pretties in the garden that needed capturing so I went out and braved. And, as always, I’m trying to develop that “take photos at all costs” habit for when I get my new camera {more on that in a bit}.

So, there are from the garden. The top one is a bromeliad, it’s quite the surprise when it flowers and a little abstract and sculptural. It’s petals around the stamen are like little ribbon curls in the deepest purple.

a spot of sunshine

The daffodils are already flowering. This was a  single bloom a week ago and now it’s a bright little bunch in the garden. It’s also featured below.

La Vie en rose

And the roses, ravaged a little by the harsh winter weather, but you can’t hold back a classic.

friday night lights

Now these are from my iPhone. I snapped this on the way home from work on Friday night. As soon as I left the car park I noticed this brilliant sunset happening and plotted for the next few kilometres a spot where I could pull over and take some uninterrupted snaps.

And so I did. I’ve used a HDR apps to capture the detail, there’s no filter, a tiny bit of touching up and that reflection, is actually the roof of my car. I’m a little chuffed with the result and so glad I made the time to stop and capture it.

a spot of sunshine on a grey day

And this one is those happy daffys again ~ but this time via iPhone and the Color Splash app. It takes a little to get the hang of and, while quite time consuming, could be a little addictive!

In other news, I’m getting a new camera. A big upgrade from my existing Canon. I ordered it last week and it has already arrived in store, unfortunately my accountant says I have to wait until July (new financial year) to get it. So the countdown is on ~ 13 days to go. I can hardly wait.

And, in keeping with the theme, some iPhonegraphy inspiration for Monday’s link pack:


{photography pulp} iPhonegraphy inspiration

When I was browsing this list of inspiring Google+ photographers, I was captivated to see iphonegraphers on the list.

As you know, but I’m going to give it another shameless plug just cause I can, over at quotiden now I’m taking and blogging daily photos with my iPhone.

Now, when I grow up, I want to be an iPhonegrapher.

The above is the work of Star Rush, a Seattle photographer exclusively uses an iPhone 3GS and prefers to work in black and white. Her work is an example of how incredible mobile phone photography can be.

You can see more of Rush’s amazing work here.

Rush is also a part of the Mobile Photo Group and a contributing editor at iPhoneography.com, a great resource for all things iPhone and photography.

For more inspiration, also check out the iPhonegraphy group on flickr.

{images Star Rush via EyeEm}


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