lime light // the thinktree

limelight // the think tree

I love finding and blogging about new businesses and finds I come across in my travels across the internet. Especially handmade and clever clog-like businesses.

Like Laura from The Think Tree, who designs a range of cards, stationery and prints, all printed with an eco-friendly focus.

 I aim to create beautiful paper products that are friendly on the earth, a little bit fun and a pleasure to look at.

Be sure to pop over to her shop to grab some special Christmas cards in time for the festive season!


I’m Laura, a 27 year old graphic designer who after working for roughly five years in the industry, relocated from Melbourne to Brisbane with my partner’s job and had the opportunity to start my own home-based business, The Thinktree. I produce environmentally conscious paper products such as greeting cards, prints and invitations. They are all completely original designs and are printed locally (if not in my home studio) on 100% recycled paper and packaged using recyclable materials. I also undertake many custom graphic design projects and have a steady but growing client base.

Your inspiration:

I’m inspired by the environment, humour, puns, originality, simple & clever design, colourful patterns & textures, song lyrics and sayings and also by feedback & suggestions I receive.

Who you admire:

I admire people who are trying to make a difference in their everyday lives and businesses. People who support fair trade, shop locally & ethically and source environmentally friendly products where possible. I also admire people who work hard and follow their hearts, even if it means taking risks.

Website / Madeit / Etsy

zesty finds // the bee week edition


Now I couldn’t let bee week pass without a sweet zesty finds round-up! It’s black and gold all over.

  1. Bee watercolour from Original Only
  2. Bees and honey fabric by anastasiia-ku
  3. Birds and bees lamp by Cole Gerst
  4. Honeycomb earrings by Ear Emporium
  5. Bee tote by glorya
  6. Little bee ring by proteales
  7. Greeting card by The Think Tree
  8. Custom iPhone case by just by julie
  9. Beeline print by Erin Johnson

// images from their respective sources


limelight // agnes & you

limelight // agnes & you

Don’t tell the Mr I’m eyeing off some more cushions ~ but I’m quite taken with the simple designs of agnes & you. Aussie-based designer Aggie has a range of lovely screenprinted homewares and be sure to check out her stationery, too.

I might have to grab an ottoman instead, that will negate the need to buy another couch to fit all the cushions.


My name is Aggie and I’m 29. I currently live in Melbourne with my husband, our gorgeous little girl Charli and soon expecting our second child. I was born in Poland and relocated to Australia at the age of 7 and have been living in Melbourne ever since. Since Charli’s arrival I have loved being a mother so much that I decided to start a home based business so I could spend my days with her.

What do you do

My business idea came to life when i wanted some new funky, statement cushions on my couch so I decided to make my own. After getting lots of positive feedback I decided to try my luck with my first business.

I design my images which I then screen print onto cushion covers that i sew in my studio. I love using linen and linen blends, i think linen looks classy and chic. I am always looking into different products and fabrics to expend my line.

Your inspiration

I love looking through different homeware magazines, fashion magazines, and take a lot of inspirations from day to day life. My husband is from the country and grew up on the farm so there are lots of things there that can lead to design ideas, like nature. Sometimes i start designing and really just see where it takes me, it’s amazing how sometimes no particular direction can lead you to a great design.

// Shop madeit / website 



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