{my place & yours} on the wall

{my place & yours} on the wall

I thought I would link up with Vic’s My Place and Yours today and share what’s on my wall. When I saw Vic’s theme this week, I immediately thought of this wall, which is the wall behind our bed, on my side.

It never fails to make me smile, for a variety of reasons, when I walk into the room. {The door is directly opposite!}.

{my place & yours} on the wall

It’s not only the children’s art work, Mother’s Day gifts from school, or the gorgeous Love print from vol. 25, or the bright and vibrant colours of this haphazard display.

You know what I love about this wall ~ the randomness. Particularly that one-of-a-kind drawing off to the side. I remember the little voice that said “Can you stick it up on the wall?”, and so I did, and there it remains.

{my place & yours} on the wall

And I love this wall too, you might have seen it before, it’s the wall of my study ~ my inspirational clutter.

my place & yours


{my place & yours} where I sleep

{my place & yours} where you sleep

So finally getting around to joining in with Vic and my place and yours. This week’s theme is Where I Sleep, and fittingly enough it is all very lazy on my behalf because I already had this photo of where I sleep.

This was one of the first photos I took with my Diana mini, hence the arty blurriness of it all, also great for hiding the mess. This is typical of the scene though ~ covers thrown back on one side after I have leapt out of bed in a mad rush realising I’ve turned the alarm off twice and it is now only 45 minutes until I have to get the kids out the door for school.

This photo is aptly titled “bedhead”.

Join in with my place and yours.


{blogtoberfest meme} quoteable quotes

quoteable quotes

Blogtoberfest is drawing to a close this week and I have really enjoyed finding quotes this past month. I might have to keep it up even after the end of the month.

So today, in honour of blogtoberfest and blogtoberfest ~ words 2011 I thought I would host a simple meme to share some inspiration and to also get you through the last few days of blogtoberfest.

It’s really easy ~ just share your favourite quote.

It might be an oldie but  goodie, a new favourite or one you haven’t even found yet.

You can just share it in a post, write it down, take a photo or if you’re stuck, re-blog one of mine!

Then just pop back and link your post up here. I would love to hear what words inspire you.

I’ll be popping back a bit later with one of my favourites.

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