{my place & yours} where I sleep

{my place & yours} where you sleep

So finally getting around to joining in with Vic and my place and yours. This week’s theme is Where I Sleep, and fittingly enough it is all very lazy on my behalf because I already had this photo of where I sleep.

This was one of the first photos I took with my Diana mini, hence the arty blurriness of it all, also great for hiding the mess. This is typical of the scene though ~ covers thrown back on one side after I have leapt out of bed in a mad rush realising I’ve turned the alarm off twice and it is now only 45 minutes until I have to get the kids out the door for school.

This photo is aptly titled “bedhead”.

Join in with my place and yours.


my place and yours ~ the ‘me’ wardrobe

I have missed a few weeks of this meme ~ mainly through running out of time and a lack of inspiration.

This week’s theme, by Sandra, asks us about a favourite piece of clothing. I have a few standbys in the cupboard and I bought a pretty little top the other day that I wasn’t too sure about but when I put it on I felt a million bucks. Despite the different style, it suited me and I think it will get a lot of wear over the summer {although I haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet}.

But my absolute standby is these ~ my RM Williams boots. I have had them for … um .. 16 years. In fact, this isn’t the first time they have been featured, I also wrote about them here.

Not that I ride or do anything remotely rural at this time, it’s just that they are so comfortable, so easy, go so well with jeans. A friend actually suggested I should consider getting a new pair because mine were looking a tad tattered. Nope, another good polish and I should get at least another 16 years out of them.

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my place and yours ~ my collection

{my camera collection}

{my camera collection}

You know at first I thought, I don’t really collect anything. Then I took a look around and … hmm, whadda you know.

Well first, is an obvious. They are a few, several, OK SIX vintage cameras lying around these parts. I cleverly spread them around the house so it doesn’t look like so many. I’m busted now.

I really only started collecting them this year after getting back into photography. It started with the hunt for a working polaroid camera, then a camera for TTV, and then people started giving me their old cameras. Look ~ a collection.

What I haven’t photographed [yet] are a myriad of other collections including, but not limited to,:

  • the magazine collection ~ both interiors and cooking. [We shan’t go there today, Hubby is probably still in shock over the number of cameras]
  • the vintage tea cups
  • and the vintage bowls and other bits of crockery
  • the children’s drawings I can’t yet part with
  • the books, not to mention the cookbooks
  • lots of pencils ~ which are unsharpened, so are really only serving a decorative purpose
  • quite a ribbon stash really
  • CDs, yep we still buy them, I like the tangibilty of a CD.
  • and there is a collection of tapes ~ remember those.

I should probably quite while I’m ahead?? Before Hubby suggests another clean out!

More great collections over at Pip’s. Thanks to the great collector Kate for the theme.

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