things i’m loving … spring edition

We have roses in bloom. It must be spring!


After a couple of false starts, it appears spring has arrived, blown in by some spring storms and despite the sneezing and sniffling issues [dratted hayfever], I have a soft spot for spring.

  • I’m loving  the lush green landscape that now features out my windows after the barrenness of winter. The changing season is a marvel to watch but after a while, the bare trees are just that, bare.
  • I’m loving the flowers starting to bloom, as they also make great photography subjects.
  • I’m loving lazy, sunny  weekend afternoons ~ not too hot and not too cold, just right!
  • I’m loving the longer days and having that little bit of extra light after work.
  • I’m loving the burst of motivation that comes from all these things. That don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing!

Is spring your favourite time of year? What do you love about spring?


lime link love // october 4

Another weekend of sunshine and no plans beckons despite not the best of starts. I’ve wasted a good three to five hours in the past 24 thanks to technical difficulties so it seems like good idea to eschew the computer and go out and enjoy it! What are your plans for the weekend?

Read on Flipboard here and have a great weekend.

pretty pulp // in the company of clivias

You know how they say to go offline to find inspiration, well I can certainly recommend it.

Recently, I had the chance to peek into a wonderful collection. The lady who owns this collection is dedicated, generous and knowledgeable.

Listening to her talk about her collection ~ its history, the things she has done, the people she has met through it, the collaborations ~ was truly inspiring.

Now I could be talking about any collection but in this case I’m talking about plants, clivias and their stunning blooms.

This collection includes the rare and the fantastical.

A few photos wouldn’t do this collection justice and, because I’m always looking for video ideas, I put together a little video of it instead.

Sit back and breathe in the imaginary scent and be relaxed by these amazing flowers of similar shades but each one more individual than the last.

It’s like a mini inspiration meditation.




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