{snapshot} polaroids with a silver lining


So in more scenes from my big weekend in adventures of photo-taking, I took the plunge and popped my first Impossible Project film into my polaroid camera ~ the PX 600 Silver Shade.


Gotta tell you, I was so nervous, much more nervous than when loading the now gone original Polaroid 600 film into a camera, even though it cost about the same.

But once I took that first photo, the cameras above, my fears slid away as quickly as that image slid out of the camera.

I still have a couple of shots left in the camera, but due to its temperature sensitivity will be using them up soon. These are the ones I have taken so far {plus one really blurry one I haven’t included here when I got a little close to my subject}.


The line here is where the sun hit the image when I turned despite my best efforts to shield it. I  find I get the best results with my automatic camera in sunshine but have to balance that against the fact the film needs shading from sunlight as it develops.


All in all though I’m happy with the results and can’t wait to try out the next film I have in storage ~ the colour shade. And I must remember to snap up some more. {Although don’t tell anyone, but I still have some Polaroid 600 expired film in my fridge, too!}


Thank goodness for the Impossible Project.

lime link love

Spring rains have brought a wintry chill to our weekend, so it is back to rugging up and staying inside. But it does mean it is easy to sneak some computer time. And it appears I might have already spent a little too long on Photoshop. So some lovely links for your weekend:

  • Download the coolest wallpapers for your iPod, iPhone and iPad over at Poolga {via creature comforts}
  • I may have seen enough of them in the past 24 hours but I can’t resist good photography ~ Cloud 365 project {via swiss miss}
  • Stuck inside ~ what don’t you play Pacman
  • There’s a new issue of the lovely Fryd out
  • Weekend project: Make a polaroid magnet frame over at paper n stitch {I love this because (a) I love polaroids but also (b) I have a stash of magnet paper I picked up at Officeworks}
  • And don’t forget my “big blogtoberfest giveaway” with the prize a 74 Lime Lane photo pack. You can find the relevant posts here
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