{snapshots} everyday ~ a recap

Blogtoberfest 2012

1. Back for Blogtoberfest // Day 1, 2. The view from here // day 2, 3. Classic cinema // Day 3, 4. Interlude // Day 4, 5. In the city // day 5, 6. Heading home // day 6, 7. Puppy love // day 7, 8. Day 8 // food + foto, 9. Day 9 // road trippin’, 10. Day 10 // reach for the sky, 11. Day 11 // blush + bashful, 12. Day 12 // Dining out, 13. Day 13 // chillin’, 14. Day 13 // goodbye weekend, 15. Day 14 // collected treasures, 16. Day 15 // hello yellow, 17. Day 16 // bounty, 18. Day 17 // afternoon light, 19. Day 18 // neon burst, 20. Day 19 // backyard jungle rumble, 21. Day 20 // view from here, 22. Day 21 // musical interlude, 23. Day 22 // take a seat, 24. Day 23 // fleeting, 25. Day 24 // classic curves, 26. Day 25 // dive in, 27. Day 26 // floating, 28. Day 27 // vintage roll, 29. Day 28 // freshly picked, 30. Day 29 // morior, 31. Day 30 // hello moon, 32. Day 31 // the end

Just when I feel like I haven’t been taking photos …

I started posting photos to quotidien last month as part of blogtoberfest and even though I had to do some batch uploading towards the end of the month, and I may have cheated a little, I managed to post photos for the entire month. I’ve enjoyed trying to get more out of my iPhone when it comes to photography.

Funnily enough there is 32 images, 2 x day 13. That’s what happens when you do multiple uploads. So instead of 31 I did 32. Overachiever!

food + foto


I also finished the latest Souvenir Foto School Food + Foto session, which was based around a dinner party. I tried to use the same props each time to bring it all together. I did’t get to spend anywhere near as much time on this session as I would have liked but it was an interesting process, and made me think in new ways about photographing food. I might even use this menu for an actual dinner party and photograph it all again!

Although I feel like I’m neglecting my SLR/s, a funny story to share. My dad, who recently bought a new camera, went on a little road trip and did some sight-seeing. He joked that my mum took about 30 photos with her point and shoot while he had taken a whopping … 97, with his new camera. I’d managed to take that many in the morning. At home.

So this month I’m trying to do Chantelle’s #fmsphotoaday. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to finish a month. I’m posting them to Instagram and to quotidien. And I’m trying to set myself up for success with a little bit of planning.

Here’s my tips {for shooting with iPhone but you could adapt them to anything}:

  • Have the list somewhere easy to find. On your iPhone take a snapshot of it from somewhere online {home and lock button together}
  • On your iPhone, create an album just for the month’s photos. The first photo should be the list. See point one.
  • Check the prompts the day before they are due. Gets you thinking about what you might shoot. Today for instance is “5 o’clock” ~ set an alarm!
  • Save something for a rainy day, so to speak. If you see something and it’s a later prompt, shoot it and put it away in your album for later. For those moments when life gets in the way. For instance, you might see a cool car and one prompt is vehicle, squirrel it away for then.
  • Get appy! Remember some quick little tips for using your apps ~ like switching to Airplane Mode to use filters without uploading ~ and check out this list for apps to use with Instagram.

Most importantly remember to have fun! And happy snapping.

{snapshot} the floral edition

yellow petals

Another round of photos from my weekend adventures in photography ~ this time of flowers and trees.


i see red

I find myself taking lots of photos of nature, probably because it is one of the easiest subjects to work with. I’m also pleased to be  able to find this much inspiration going into autumn, when I usually find myself gazing longingly at  spring photos from the north.


turning autumn

And FYI, birch trees create the most fabulous bokeh.

My creation

{I’m also taking the new Souvenir Foto School class “Creative Captures” which works on weekly assignments, first one due this past weekend. You can see my photos here.}

{photo pulp} SFS the finale ~ x, y, and z

Final SFS update

1. {x} is for xanathan gum, 2. {y} is for yoghurt, 3. {z} is for zucchini

So this is it, the final trio. X was tricky but I managed to track down xanathan gum at my local bulk foods shop. As well as xylitol. Xanathan was cheaper which is why it got the nod. It is also very sticky when you mix it with water. I have no idea what to use it for now either.

The yogurht is a bit blah ~ it’s on the list of retakes. I might try it frozen next time. And the Z is fine except it was a terribly overcast day and I couldn’t get the lighting quite right.

I ran out of time in the challenge to do any retakes, although I still might do them for my own benefit. My favourites include the fungi, the corn and the nutmeg.

Ice-cream and yoghurt top the list of retakes ~ and the A, because the theme was still settling in and it is a little obtuse compared to the others. I like the photo but I would make the subject more simple like an apple

And in the set below you can see the cookie cutter set I used to make the letters. The backgrounds included a range of scrapbook papers and chopping boards and occasionally the kitchen bench.

All in all one of my favourite challenges, despite some of the grief that came with arranging letters out of food.

the set

You can see the entire set here

a / b / c / de – gh – k / l – q / r -w 

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