pinned pulp // neutral


I blame the weather for this attraction to simple palettes, it mimics the grey days outside. And while I prefer a neutral palette for my surroundings, I do prefer a pop of colour here in this online space.

Actually, Freud would probably have a field day with this Pinterest picks ~ sure there is some messages in there somewhere!

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pinned pulp // marvellous monochrome


I had neglected to pin to my colour themed Pinterest boards for some time now ~ mostly sticking to delicious looking recipes, pretty stationery and enviable spaces.

But like eating a packet of potato chips, I pinned one “black” item and couldn’t stop at just one and before you know it the bag was almost finished.

And  then I noticed how a few black items had sneaked through the Pin It button. And a little classic black and white is timeless.


workspace wishlist // five stylish essentials


I’m a proper office worker these days with a desk, an in trays and everything. And now that I’ve settled in, and accumulated my share of files and papers, it’s time to add that personal touch to my workspace.

So here’s five things I need to keep my work life on track … and stylish.

  • Always have a pen handy by keeping them corralled in a stylish holder  / less is more
  • A colourful rubbish bin ~ in lime green please / dorm co
  • For all those notes and papers ~  a desk catch-all   / light and ladder
  • And for a bit of fun ~ sushi sticky notes! / spoon and tango
  • Forget the plastic bottle. Stay hydrated with a water bottle and glass /  kikki.k

And the one thing I really need ~ to keep my desk clean, organised and productive! Tips from Time Management Ninja

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