freshly squeezed // introducing canva

freshly squeezed // new online tool ~ canva

Excited today to introduce you to a new website that can help take the groan out of graphics.

Canva, which officially launched this week, is an online design platform which uses a library of ready-made layouts, backgrounds, photos and more and allows you to make your own graphics with a simple drop and drag interface.

The image above, made in a couple of minutes with Canva  [I put the Canva badge on for the post ~ layouts are not watermarked].

You can make posters, blog graphics, facebook covers, cards, collages and more with Canva! The site includes a range of free and premium elements or you can upload your own.

You can change fonts and colours and create custom layouts.

Seeing is believing so this video is a great introduction to the world of Canva and what you can do.

Canva is presently in beta and rolling out accounts to users from this week. Reserve your username here.

I was invited to the early launch of Canva but this is not a sponsored post. I just think it’s a really cool tool you might find useful.

the five // bookmark it

thefive // bookmark it

Too many ideas, too little time? Where to save all that information for later? Here’s five services that can help you save and organise all that information for when you need it.

  1. Pinterest ~ an obvious one but with the addition of secret boards, it makes it even better to collate information for whatever project you are working on.
  2. Gimmebar ~ goes a little further in that it stores items in your personal library in the cloud or you can back your bookmarks up to Dropbox.
  3. Kippit ~  You can add to private lists with extensions, bookmarklets and via email or follow public lists. Also has a very powerful search engine.
  4. Evernote ~ can’t have a list without mentioning this warhorse and what sets it apart is the ability to clip information to Evernote and also email to your account while on the go.
  5. Dropmark ~allows for private and collaborative boards and has a simple drop and drag interface with some clever presentation ideas as well.

Got another favourite bookmarking site not on the least. Share it in the comments below!

{tuesday’s top 5} first-look ~ great Google+ pages

{top 5} google + introduces pages

So Google+ launched pages today and it seemed like some people might have had a teeny headstart on the rest of us mere mortals.

Now I’m still trying to get my head around Google+ let alone Google+ pages, not to mention how that all fits with how much I want to share and with who, but it struck that some people were already using this well.

First, I could learn from them and second, into Google+ or not, doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate a little bit of fun.

So quickly, five Google+ pages I found today that I thought were tops:

  1. The Muppets: I mean, who doesn’t love the Muppets, and they launched today with a hangout featuring Miss Piggy in the gang. Love the headshots. And you know they have a new movie coming out.
  2. Google Australia: Because I love their photo strip at the top of the page. So nice and summery!
  3. Cadbury: for all the chocoholics out there
  4. Angry Birds: They link to the game on G+ but it is interesting to see they were one of the first there. And they have had half a billion downloads, so the odds are one of you likes Angry Birds!
  5. The locals: Interested to see some fellow bloggers take it up, and as at time of writing *bespoke*, The Blog Stylist and picklebums had all joined in.

And because I love anything shiny and new, you can find 74  Lime Lane’s Google+ page here

Want to create a Google+ page go here.

Are you on Google+? Love it, hate it? What do you think of the new pages?

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