{tuesday’s top 5} reasons to love the season

autumn avenue

Excuse me for repeating myself, I did this list last year, too. But I can’t help it. Autumn is my favourite season of the year ~ it’s winter without the freezing cold and spring without the allergies. Although I do get a little jealous at this time of year, when the north is heading into spring and all those floral photos and spring-time tweets start appearing in my timeline.

So I have to remember to take advantage of the beauty that autumn has to offer and enjoy it while it lasts, as sometimes the season of mellow fruitfulness can be somewhat fleeting.

Now autumn hasn’t really arrived here yet, this week’s weather not unlike last week’s weather really, despite the calendar saying otherwise. And in some ways, we are still waiting for summer because it has been especially mild in the area this year. But for now, I will think of  more reasons I love the season.

  1. Casseroles and red wine ~ cosy nights mean hearty, comfort food. And it is still warm enough to enjoy a fire outside.
  2. That moment when you spot a cluster of leaves fluttering to the ground
  3. Piles of leaves that make an excellent playground
  4. The warm sunny days and crisp, cool nights, and the fact you can tell the difference.
  5. The fact in the US  it is called Fall
PS. Another reason I love autumn is the light, and the colour. The photography! And I stumbled across this article I thought I would share ~ How to Photography Autumn Colour ~ which has some interesting tips.

What about you? What’s your favourite season? Or you favourite reason to love fall?

{tuesday’s top 5} fun font flavours

{top 5} fun font flavours

Time for a monthly round-up of font finds, this time it’s guaranteed to make you lick your lips, so to speak. Hot on the heels of Lemon Chicken and Milk & Cereal, comes some more food-flavoured fonts.

  1. Caviar Dreams
  2. Juice
  3. soy milk
  4. Lobster Two
  5. Ripe

{remember to read the licences of fonts for their terms of use}

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