{re-lime rewind} a top 5 of top 5 posts

This week in the holidays I’ll be revisiting popular and favourite posts as part of {re-lime rewind}. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Today is {top 5 tuesday} and what do you know, I couldn’t pick just one. And the cameras, there are already two more members to join the crew below!

{tuesday's top 5} camera companions

Because it’s Tuesday. Because I have been carrying a lot of cameras around this week. Because I got a new treasure off ebay the other week.

Today I thought I would share my top 5 cameras today, as in the ones being used at the moment. I often throw one or two of these in my bag when I’m not taking all my gear, and naturally my iPhone is with me all the time.

From top left-hand corner:

  1. The sweet Diana mini. You might already recognise her. A toy film camera that goes anywhere.
  2. Polaroid One 600. An eBay find that I’ve had for a little while now. Is in fantastic working condition so is my go-to instant camera at the moment.
  3. Canon film SLR. Two-fold – in my camera bag and is locked and loaded. And also represents the Canon DSLR I’m currently using to take the photo. I’ve had this film one since my uni days when I was studying photojournalism, in a darkroom. Those were the days.
  4. iPhone. The ultimate go anywhere camera. Currently in high rotation has a I attempt to hone my iPhonegraphy skills.
  5. Yashica Minister. My latest eBay buy. A fully manual film camera which has the loveliest feel. Not sure about the focus and rangefinder but presently shooting a first roll of film in it to see how it goes.

I love how each of these cameras all produce something different, sometimes surprising, sometimes disappointing. I find using the different mediums also really inspiring.

Can you have too many cameras? I don’t think so.

More top 5 fun:

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  2. mad about the memes
  3. the one where I admit to my magazine addiction
  4. cooking up some tasty treats
  5. dr seuss quotes

{tuesday’s top 5} useful photography links for the holidays


So this is Christmas ~ family, lights, children in their best clothes, colourful paper, the whole family descending on one house in a festive mood ~ this is the perfect time to capture some memories.

With that in mind I’ve rounded up some photo links for those moments when you are going to be out snapping. Or maybe Santa is going to leave a lovely new camera under the tree so you need some tips and tricks for shooting over the holidays.

  1. 10 tips to take great shots of your kids from Rachel Devine
  2. 10 tips for taking large group shots
  3. How to let the details tell your story
  4. How to take bokeh Christmas lights
  5. Low light photography tips

Keep calm and take lots of photos!

{tuesday’s top 5} tra la lala laaa ~ not your average carols

I can’t help it. I’m feeling festive. Soon we will be cranking out the carols at full blast.

Jingle Bell Rock by The Muppets. Enough said.

Walking in the Air from The Snowman. Every year we pop this DVD on, it’s a Christmas favourite with the smalls, and I love this beautiful song from it. It makes me think Christmas.

Last year’s absolute favourite. Some people are so talented. Thanks iTunes for the reminder.

Some festive reggae. Boney M and Mary’s Boy Child.

I’ve never really gotten into Glee but I do enjoy stumbling across it and listening to the music. And this, I’ll admit it, brings a tear to me sentimental eye.

What’s your favourite Christmassy type song? Traditional or not.

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