there’s alway time for pinning …


It doesn’t matter how busy one is, I can always find time for a few pins.

I don’t follow a huge amount of people and so it doesn’t take me long to get back to the last point I was at and Pinterest’s iOS apps are such a seamless experience, it’s easy to pick up anywhere – in the airport, on the couch, at a cafe.

So a round-up of lovely pins from the last week or two.

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seeds // small talk versus conversation


This is one of those phrases that sums up introvertness for me.

I can happily partake in conversation but small talk with strangers I can easily avoid.

I can happily lead training sessions on subjects I’m passionate about it but not one to idly chat in the foyer to a distant colleague.

I can easily ring a stranger with my business hat on to chat about their passion.

But I prefer a quiet dinner to a rousing party and a text over a phone call.

One of the myths about introverts is that they are shy and this is not necessarily true. One of my “introverted” friends works in customer service and is exceptional at it.

We’re just not up for the chit chat.

How about you? Small talk or conversation?

via The Good Vibe

throwback Thursday // that pin looks familiar

RIP Steve Jobs


I’m pulling one from the archives today for two reasons. First I stayed up too late watching the lunar eclipse last night [photos coming], but am short on sleep and time this morning, and second, this image above has had something of a revival.

I saw it on Pinterest the other day and thought, “gee that looks familiar, wonder if it’s one of mine”. It’s the tildes around the name at the bottom, I got into the habit years ago of using them in place of hyphens, particularly with all things Lime Lane. [I literally have to stop myself using them in work situations.]

So I finally clicked on a pin and sure enough it took me to my own Flickr page. There’s a little thrill as a blogger to find something they’ve created still getting traction three years later!

The original was first posted here and was part of my 2011 blogtoberfest collection. And is as timely now as it is then.

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